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Advantages of a lithium-ion battery

Lead Acid Vs. Lithium Ion batteries

Lithium Battery Advantages:

  • A lithium battery is about a quarter of the weight of a lead acidy battery
  • They have a higher cranking power so you can start your bike quicker than a lead acid battery
  • Low self-discharge rate compared to a lead acid battery
  • Lithium batteries take less time to charge than a lead acid battery
  • Longer life span. Correctly maintained a lithium battery should last 48 months
  • No leaking battery acid (sulfuric acid)

What you need to be concerned about with a lithium battery

  • You have to use a lithium-ion battery charger. Using a lead acid battery charger will overheat Lithium battery and could cause a fire.
  • Higher initial investment than lead acid
  • If a lithium battery runs down too much you can’t recover them.
  • Put in on a battery tender
  • Store your bike with us during the winter. We’ll take care of your investment
Here’s a video all about lithium-ion batteries: